Die Stadtverführerin familiarizes you with Vienna, in words at special places. Forays through the multilayered city of former times and of today.

City walks

I show you Vienna’s main scenes and hidden places, its rich historic heritage as well as its vibrating cultural life.

On our walks we explore the very charm of the metropolis, its architectural beauty as well as its past and present secrets. We visit coffee houses, markets, parks and attractions as well as places away from the main touristic paths. Please find some of my walks further below that will be continuously updated.

Exquisite experiences of literary Vienna at  “Strudelhofstiege“…

On the stairway to the Austrian soul – Modernisme in Vienna up to nowadays

The Strudelhofstiege, built in 1910, became the topographical centre of “Die Strudelhofstiege” by Heimito von Doderer, one of the foremost post-war novels. On our walk we explore artistic and intellectual Vienna  from the very famous fin de siècle period when all intellectuals and free spirits seemed to gravitate via Vienna up to today. Not to forget the ever so popular inventor of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud that was never fully acknowledged in the capital during his lifetime but instead badly treated.

Culinary and literary in the café